A space to explore ourselves, our values and our world

The Big Think is an empowering personal development and wellbeing programme for ages 4 to 11. Working with the whole-school and the whole-child, we foster each child’s character strengths and address the rising numbers of young children with mental health issues, as well as the increasing levels of childhood anxiety and unhappiness.

We promote whole-school unity by strengthening the relationships between staff, children, and parents and have a broader impact on local and wider communities through our emphasis on social action. TBT works flexibly to boost existing school values, improve wellbeing, and support learning behaviour strategies.

TBT uses a system of connected values to help children explore their own thoughts, feelings and ultimately find their own voice.  Values are not simply caught, they also need to be explicitly taught through experiential learning, real-life stories, shared experiences and self-reflection.  Values-literate children are more self-aware and learn to develop agency to perform well at school and better navigate the world around them.

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There are 88 The Big Think Lesson Kits – 44 for Ages 4-7 and 44 for Ages 7-11.

Each kit comprises: 

Silent Sitting track
The Big Song karaoke video
Lesson Plans and Screens
Assembly Screens
My Big Think Journal Page
The Big Story

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Our Pilot Schools

The Big Think has already successfully been piloted in two primary schools in North London with a third school that started in March 2019.

North Harringay Primary School

Waltham St Lawrence Primary School

Eastfield Primary School

A space to explore ourselves, our values and our world

The Big Think is ideal for Personal, Social, Health and Emotional (PSHE) education and for developing global citizenship. 

We use a broad selection of 44 values, each with its own lesson kit. 

All 44 values then connect with one of our 5 core values:
Truth, Love, Peace, Responsibility and Community.