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A space to explore ourselves, our values and our world

The Big Think is ideal for Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education, the new statutory guidance for Relationships Education, OFSTED’s new Personal Development framework and for developing global citizenship. 

We use a broad selection of 44 values, each with its own Assembly and Lesson kit that asks a Big Question that children are curious to explore.

For older children Big Issues include:

Use of critical integrity to spot fake news, exploring the fallout of knife crime through the Stephen Lawrence case, prejudice connected with terrorist attacks, bereavement, repairing fall outs with friends, social media and wellbeing, making positive relationships, online bullying and ethics. 

All 44 values then connect with one of our 5 core values:
Truth, Love, Peace, Responsibility and Community.

Why Values?

Values literate children are more in touch with themselves and learn to develop agency to better navigate the world around them. Studies have shown that education in human values can also support initiatives to address rising numbers of mental health issues, including increased levels of childhood anxiety and unhappiness.

Each session offers time for children to reflect on the school values, their home values and their own developing values. 

For a sense of how The Big Think might work at your school, watch our launch film here.   

A collaborative, whole-school approach

The Big Think is unique in its whole-school approach, offering inclusive Assemblies that encourage children to talk across year groups. These can then be followed by in-depth age-appropriate lessons continuing the theme back in the classroom, with every child taking part at the same time each week.

By exploring issues together, across the whole school, all teachers and children can deepen their experience of the school values, develop a common connection and create a shared understanding of how to relate to each other and the wider world. 

Our carefully designed multi-media resources ensure that children can engage with the values and issues in both creative and analytical ways.  Every session begins with a Silent Sitting mindfulness track to focus the mind, followed by a review of The Big Story from the earlier Assembly.  Children then take on The Big Question to explore the issue through a Values Inquiry, a Values Dialogue or a Values Role-play.  To end the session, they reflect in their My Big Think Journal and come together for The Big Sing

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There are 88 The Big Think Lesson Kits – 44 for Ages 4-7 and 44 for Ages 7-11.

Each kit comprises: 

Silent Sitting track
The Big Song karaoke video
Lesson Plans and Screens
Assembly Screens
My Big Think Journal Page
The Big Story

Try out this free lesson for LOVE: Caring About Nature!​​

Our Pilot Schools

The Big Think has successfully been piloted in three primary schools in diverse settings in North London, Maidenhead and Middlesex, with a fourth in a special school starting shortly. 

From September 2019, we are ready to support your school in joining our growing values community. Feel free to contact us by email or phone to talk through your options and find out more. 

North Harringay Primary School

Waltham St Lawrence Primary School

Eastfield Primary School