Eastfield Primary School

A New Big Think Pilot

Our latest pilot project started in March 2019 at Eastfield in Middlesex and runs for a full academic year. Eastfield has established a strong ethos of Values but wants to find a way to link whole-school Values assemblies with PSHE classroom practice and then coordinate this with social action in the local community, or even the wider world. 

We want to work together to encourage our children to make the right choices in life.”

Mrs Christalla Jamil, Head Teacher, Eastfield Primary School

Holistic Approach

Eastfield already achieves lots of this excellent work in pockets around the school, but they hope they will benefit from a school-wide initiative that is more collaborative and follows a more structured developmental path from Reception to Y6.

As with growing numbers of schools, Eastfield is particularly concerned about how they can foster the wellbeing of their children, build up self-esteem and support the growth of confident speakers, who will go out into the world as happy and productive young adults. 

“We want to ensure the children become happy, healthy and positive members of society.”

Sophie Wenlock, Head of Wellbeing and PSHE, Eastfield Primary School

We will be collaborating closely with their team to ensure The Big Think’s holistic approach works for every child and
supports these aspirations.

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